Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Learning Blogger & Photo Updates

is becoming frustrating. Now that I have the image I want in my header, I want to move the title & description to the right of the image. I think it should be simple, but I just can't figure it out - even after reading "Blogger for Dummies" and posting a question on the blogger help group. I guess I'll just leave it as is for now, but it is bugging me.

Anyway, the kitty in the header is my BT (Black & Tan, not very imaginative, but descriptive). She adopted me about 11 years ago when she decided to hang out on my deck. See where she is sitting - on the keyboard and amongst the knitting projects? She loves to be helpful. The projects in the image are the Opal socks I gifted to a friend and the Purlwise Beret that was a gift to another friend.

I added a link to my finished objects photo album. I'm missing a bunch of photos and need to find them.

Here's one of my favorite photos.....

This is the recipient of the Baby Bolero from One Skein and a rolled brim hat in Organic Cotton by Blue Sky Alpacas.

Happy blogging & knitting!

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