Monday, June 05, 2006

Milestones since starting blog....

Here it is June 4 and I'm finally getting around to posting on my blog. I've celebrated several milestones since starting this blog.....

1. Four days after returning from my Ireland business trip, I was laid off. First time I have ever lost a job. Took some time to get used to the idea. Didn't let it spoil Mardi Gras weekend in Soulard.

2. Took an entire month off - napped when I felt like it, worked in the garden, read, knitted, signed up on several job boards to get daily emails for jobs in StL.

3. Celebrated the 37th anniversary of being diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes - now known as Type 1. Have seen the technology to cope with this disease progress greatly, but still no cure. Been an insulin pumper for almost 4 years.

4. Finished 2 pair of gift socks! First pair of Opals. First pair of OnLine Summer.

5. Frogged the Elizabeth Zimmerman vest I was knitting as part of the GSLKG KAL. It just wasn't right. Must try it again, as I love the look.

6. Met the Yarn Harlot at the StL book signing. What a hoot! Stand-up knitting comedy. Laughed all night!!